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DURATION 2 Years Online DUAL CREDENTIALS Gain a MBA degree from UWA and Postgraduate Diploma from AIM
(applicable till 6 March 2024)
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INTENDED FOR Mid to Senior Level Professionals looking for an online MBA or executive MBA Check Program Eligibility
20 March 2023
Application Deadline : 22 November 2023
DURATION 2 Years Online
PROGRAM FEE USD 7,400 View payment plan

Please note that the program duration includes a break week for Christmas from 24 Dec 2023 to 07 Jan 2024, and for Chinese New Year from 09 Feb 2024 to 15 Feb 2024.

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Why UWA Global MBA degree program?

According to the World Economic Forum "Southeast Asia is on the cusp of fulfilling its long-held promise and faces a 4.4% growth forecast in 2023." In the current global climate, it is perfect timing for ambitious professionals like you to expand your horizon and enhance your impact by using strong business leadership planning and strategies. This Global Masters in Business Administration(MBA) program will provide you with the perspective, skills, and connections to make that leap.


of CEOs said it was “very important” to increase global outsourcing to manage fixed costs and shift risk.



CEOs are investing in new businesses to enhance the portfolio, access new talent, and create new business platforms


Program features of the Global MBA

  • Enjoy a flexible schedule to manage your learning hours
  • Global curriculum and award-winning faculties, teachers and researchers
  • WES recognised Global MBA Degree
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management and Global MBA degree from The University of Western Australia
  • Alumni status from The University of Western Australia and Asian Institute of Management
  • Career support services from Emeritus
UWA Global MBA Degree
with an AIM Postgraduate Diploma

Program structure

Program highlights

12 Modules

12 Modules

15+ Leading faculties, teachers and researchers

15+ Leading faculties, teachers and researchers

40+ Live sessions with faculties / industry experts

40+ Live sessions with faculties / industry experts

50+ Discussion boards

50+ Discussion boards

110+ Hours of pre-recorded videos & podcasts

110+ Hours of pre-recorded videos & podcasts

210+ Case Studies, Quizzes, Real-world Examples & Assignments

210+ Case studies, quizzes, real-world examples & assignments

Year 1 Program Modules

The first year of the program will be taught via recorded videos from the top Asian Institute of Management faculty.

  • Data Analysis
  • Probability and Decision Making under Uncertainty
  • Confidence Interval
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Regression Analysis
  • Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • Optimization
  • Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
  • Personality and Values
  • Attitudes, Emotions, and Moods
  • Perception and Individual Decision-Making
  • Leadership Power and Communication
  • Understanding Work Teams
  • Organizational Culture Review and Integration
  • Motivation and Reward System
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Physical Retail versus E-Commerce Supply Chain
  • Designing Global Supply Chain Networks
  • Forecasting and Planning in Supply Chain Management
  • Coordination in Supply Chain Management
  • Scaling up Your Supply Chain
  • Managing Uncertainty in Supply Chain
  • Sustainability in Supply Chain
  • Introduction to Unit and Accounting
  • Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Comprehensive
  • Income, and Statement of Cash Flows
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Working Capital Management
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Cost Behaviour and Cost Volume Profit Analysis
  • Costs for Decision Making
  • Performance Measurement and Evaluation Framework
  • Framing International Business
  • Challenges and Opportunities in International Business
  • Successful Strategies and Responses in International Business
  • Overview of Asian Business Systems
  • Starting, Growing, and Doing Business in Asia
  • Competing in Asia
  • Global Performance Management
  • Coaching for Leaders
  • What Drives Entrepreneurship
  • Ecosystems and Culture
  • Product/Service Innovation with Design Thinking - Defining the Challenge
  • Product / Service Innovation- Ideation
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Refining the Value Proposition
  • Dual Transformation and Open Innovation
  • Corporate Venture Capital and Innovation Management Systems

Note: The sequence of courses in a year is subject to change and the final schedule will be shared during the orientation session.

Award-winning faculty from Asian Institute of Management

Alberto G. Mateo, Jr.

Clinical Professor | Head, School of Executive Education and Lifelong Learning
Asian Institute of Management

Dr Matthew George O. Escobido

Adjunct Faculty
Asian Institute of Management

Maria Eulalia M. Herrera

Adjunct Faculty
Asian Institute of Management

Rebecca R. Ricalde

Adjunct Faculty
Asian Institute of Management

Dr Jose Gerardo O. Santamaria

Associate Professor
Asian Institute of Management

Jose Adolfo M. Mariquit

Adjunct Faculty
Asian Institute of Management

Maria Angelica B. Lleander

Adjunct Faculty
Asian Institute of Management

Dr Enrique Martínez Galán

Adjunct Faculty | Asian Institute of Management

Ronil S. Sujan

Adjunct Faculty
Asian Institute of Management

Rafael L. Camus

Clinical Professor | Academic Program Director Master in Innovation and Business
Asian Institute of Management

Postgraduate Diploma from AIM

Sample Certificate
Sample Certificate

Note: All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of the Asian Institute of Management.

Year 2 Program Modules

The second year of the program will be taught via recorded videos by top award-winning UWA teachers and researchers.

  • Demand and Supply
  • Production, Costs and Markets
  • Microeconomics of Financial Markets
  • Macroeconomic Fundamentals
  • Marketing Strategy and Competition
  • Brand Building
  • Product Strategy
  • Delivering Value to Customers
  • Ethical, Social and Environmental Issues in Marketing
  • Strategy and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Industry Analysis, Resources and Capabilities
  • Generic strategies and the business model
  • Business model innovation
  • Strategic Growth: Process and Execution
  • Leadership Mindsets
  • Self-Mastery Through Leadership Habits
  • Leading from Purpose and Values
  • Leading High Performance
  • Transformational and Adaptive Leadership
  • Change: Leading Change; Transition and Transformation
  • Change: Critique of Planned Change
  • Change: Leading Change in the VUCA Environment and The Forces of Change
  • Analysing the Changing Environment and The Tools of Cooperation and Change
  • Transition: Diagnosing and Managing Resistance
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Valuation
  • Cost of Capital
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Capital Raising

Note: The sequence of courses in a year is subject to change and the final schedule will be shared during the orientation session.

Award-winning teachers and researchers from UWA Business School

Paul Crompton

Managerial Economics
UWA Business School

Joanne Sneddon

UWA Centre for Human and Cultural Values

Russell Poskitt

Managerial Finance
UWA Business School

Dee Roche

Leading Change and Transformation
UWA Business School

David Blyth

Business Strategy
UWA Business School

Jenny Hoffman

Leadership in Organization
UWA Business School

Global MBA degree from UWA

Sample Certificate
Sample Certificate

Note: All certificate/ degree images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of The University of Western Australia.

Broaden your horizon and boost your global relevance

AIM Alumni status and benefits

AIM alumni can be found at the highest levels of responsibility in private, public, and non-profit sectors throughout the Asia-Pacific and in other parts of the world.

Be recognized as AIM Alumni to network and collaborate with the leading industry experts who are a part of AIM network and gain access to the curated benefits and perks, including exclusive resources and offers.

Access to the AIM Alumni Network:

● 46,000+ alumni in over 79 countries
● Use of facilities in the Knowledge Resource Center
● 20% discount on AIM SEELL courses
● Exclusive invites to events
● Alumni Engagement Platform

Special Savings and Pricing:

● Programs, Seminars, and Conferences
● Partner Establishments

Use of Facilities in the Knowledge Resource Center:

● 18,000 Printed Materials
● 500,000+ Electronic Resources
● Management Research Reports
● International Databases, e.g., Euromonitor, EBSCO, etc.

Exclusive Invites to Events:

● Brewing@AIM
● Class Reunions
● Annual Homecoming Events
● President’s Cup
● Beer Pubs
● Mentoring Program
● Masterclasses

UWA Alumni status and benefits

  • Join a global network of over 1,40,000 alumni
  • Invitations to exclusive UWA alumni events and networking opportunities
  • Receive alumni communications, including the Community Connect e-newsletter
  • Two editions per year of Uniview, the University's digital magazine
  • UWA Digital ID Card
Note: UWA will be providing standard Alumni benefits to the students as provided by UWA to its other students enrolled in different classroom programs.

Learn and Network with a Diverse Group of Peers

Emeritus career services

Stepping into a business leadership career requires a variety of job-ready skills. This program guides you in navigating a career path, starting from personalized mentorship sessions while developing your managerial expertise to gain an edge over your peers. These services are provided by Emeritus, our learning collaborator for this program. The primary goal is to give you the skills needed to succeed in your career; however, job placement is not guaranteed.

Note: Neither UWA, AIM, nor Emeritus does not promise or guarantee a job or progression in your current job. Career Services is only offered as a service that empowers you to manage your career proactively. The Career Services mentioned here are offered by Emeritus. UWA and AIM are not involved in any way and make no commitments regarding the career services mentioned here.

Emeritus provides the following career preparation services:

  • Resume building videos
  • Interview preparation videos
  • Linkedln profile building videos
  • Interview guidebooks
  • Glossary of resume templates

Early applications encouraged. Limited seats are available.

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Application Details: The application deadline is
6 March 2024 and the fee is USD 60

CRICOS: 00126G | PRV12169, Australian University